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Historical Center

Athens was named after the Goddess Athena and has been continuously inhabited for over 3,400 years.

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, in Athens a visitor can find monuments from Italian Empire, Byzantine Empire and Othoman Empire, as well as monuments from all the Greek History Periods.

The first monument you might come across while visiting Athens, will probably be Acropolis. Rising about 500 feet above sea level, with springs neat the base, Acropolis is the highest point of the city and was used as a sanctuary, during the ancient times. On top of the hill visitors can witness one of the most breathtaking jewels of earliest times, Parthenon. Parthenon was a temple dedicated to goddess Athena, who lent her name to the city. Known for its unique architecture, the temple has survived through tremendous destructions and has witnessed all of the historical changes made in the city of Athens.

Another commonly seen and photographed monument of the city is Monastiraki Square. The iconic metro station of Monastiraki was built in 1895 when the above-ground metro was constructed. The different metro lines passing by the square, make it a major transportation hub, though crowded as well. Monastiraki Square is the most common meeting point for the locals, when planning a date.

Apart from the metro station, Monastiraki Square can be concidered the most multicultural square of Athens, since it combines Greek  Culture and Ottoman Empire. More specifically, to the right of the Monastiraki Square is located the Mosque of Tzistarakis Aga, who was an Ottoman ruller of Athens and decided to built a mosque in 1759. On the corner of the square one can find the Monastery of Pantanassa. The Byzantine chapel was most likely built in the 10th century and functioned as a Roman Catholic chapel during 13th and 14th century.

Of course, it is a well known fact that there are plenty of different museums and landscapes for you to discover every phase of Greek history and culture.

City's Lifestyle

While strolling around the city center, one can easily be found in a magestic island-like landscape. Based in the heart of Athens, Anafiotika is one of the oldest Athenian neighborhoods. The area was built by islanders from Cyclades near the Acropolis, during the 14th Century. The architecture is much similar to the one found in Cyclades. The area is widely known for its cafe and small taverns.

Athens is one the best places to enjoy your coffee, or a delicious brunch, under the Greek sun, like locals usually do. After the sunset, the city offers a variety of different activities and places for you to enjoy your night. You can go out to dinner, you can watch a movie or a play to open-air theaters, during summer or in a theater, during winter. Afterwards, you are more than welcome to have a drink in one of the many different bars, clubs or music stages the city has to offer.

Follow the route to the heart of Athens to discover every historical spot, enjoy your coffee or have a drink under the Athenian Sky as the locals do.

Let us show you around the Athenian beauty!